How do you like to stir?

Small, often forgotten and overlooked are the stirrers of this world. We love an underdog here at Beaumont TM however and have thus devoted this week’s blog just to stirrers of different kinds. We expect notification of our knighthood in the post.

Stirring is in fact a very important part of the serving process of many a drink, albeit that you don’t have to stir your pint or your glass of wine that is for sure. Any drink containing a spirit and a mixer however, or drinks of the hot variety, will often require a helping hand with the mixing process.

In our eyes there are two ways to approach this, either you take on the mantle of stirring as Sir Stirrer would – limiting the selection of stirrers available to your guests, however ensuring that all stirring requirements have been met prior to serving. Or you choose the more laissez faire approach and leave the stirring to your patrons.

The first option in stirring etiquette involves using a bar spoon, this is where you take charge of the mixing of the drink and typically do a very professional job of it – well if you are using a Beaumont bar spoon it should at least be a breeze.

The professional mixing spoon would be our personal weapon of choice. This fantastic all rounder has a 25mm disc one end and a 5ml spoon at the other end, beautifully linked together by a fine twist shaft. The shaft can be used in wondrous ways a well if you know the pouring technique we speak of.  The 25mm disk is particularly useful for floating cream, ice cream or layering liquors on top of each other. Also worth checking out if you prefer a different shape to the spoon or an end without a disk, are the cocktail spoon and cocktail spoon with masher.

beaumont bar spoons

Perhaps you are looking for a stirrer that is a little more fancy? The Mezclar range is designed entirely for this purpose, presenting our most beautifully designed implements. The Mezclar Hudson spoon for example provides a real element of theatre and grandeur – you may be thinking that is ridiculous, it is just a bar spoon. The length of this bar spoon is very noticeable however at 45cms long and, especially if acquired in copper, acts as a real source of intrigue for others around the bar. You may find people requesting the drink you just made with the ‘massive spoon’ but then again how often do your barware items perform the job of a sales person so well?

beaumont bar spoons

Also worth taking a look at is the Mezclar cocktail spoon with fork. Sitting at 30cms long, the normal size of a bar soon, this particular bar spoon is very useful. With the typical spoon bowl at one end and a fork at the other, with the twisted shaft connecting the two – this spoon can do everything the rest can and more. The fork is particularly useful if you are handling a lot of garnish or need to get some pesky fruit out of the bottom of a glass.

stirrer spoon

Now for option two, allowing the customer to see to their own stirring and perhaps the approach we see adopted most in bars around the world.

disc stirrers

What do they use? Stirrers of course! Disc stirrers, flat ball stirrers, rod stirrers, prism stirrers maybe even their finger if they are desperate. The classic disc stirrers are some of the most popular, however all of our stirrers are made from a strong a durable plastic that ensures that you have no issues with disintegration or a bendy structure, there is nothing worse than a flimsy stirrer. Our 7 inch disc stirrers are available in red, green, blue, black, clear, white and assorted if you just fancy a few of each; whereas the six inch version are available in assorted or black.

prism stirrers

The flat ball stirrers and rod stirrers are only available in clear and black but offer a nice alternative to the disc stirrer, which is probably the most well known stirrer on the scene. At 6 inches these stirrers are the same size as the smaller disc stirrers. The prism stirrers on the other hand are 3 and a half inches long and are perfect for drinks served in a short or rocks glass. The 7 and 6 inch stirrers are great for almost every drink, however they do look particularly out of place in a short glass so we find it is best to make sure you have a smaller version too.

flat ball stirrer


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