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The Signature range is a range of beautifully designed hotel barware: bespoke champagne buckets, wine coolers and the like. The Signature range encompasses design and functionality, ensuring that your guest or customer’s experience, and perspective, is only ever enhanced when they come into contact with any part of the Signature range. Made from high grade stainless steel, our coolers offer a sophisticated yet affordable way to cool your drinks or store your fruit. The shapes and finishes chosen are far from ordinary, catching the eye and intriguing the mind.


The Taille Ice Bucket

The Taille Ice Bucket with this beautiful dimpled finish is a perfect addition to any hotel bedroom, for example. This ice bucket is a good size, ensuring that enough ice for a full night of enjoyment for a couple, can be stored and will remain cold for a long period of time. Weighing less than 1kg (empty) and with a stylish handle and lid, the Taille Ice Bucket wouldn’t look out of place even in the most prestigious hotel suites.


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Obella Wine/Champagne Cooler

Also part of the Signature range and with a slightly different finish to the Taille ice bucket, the Obella wine/champagne cooler makes for the perfect bottle storage, provided you want to keep that bottle cold of course! With a smooth, highly polished finish the Obella really stands out in a hotel bedroom, or in the hotel restaurant or bar. Constructed from stainless steel the Obella provides great value for money as well as superior cooling. Some of the Signature range coolers and buckets are double walled to provide the best insulation, as a result the Obella cooler will keep your bottle of wine or champagne cold for up to 7 hours!


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Voltre Wine/Champagne Bucket & Stand

Standing at 103cm tall with a dimpled finish the Voltre wine and champagne bucket and stand is the perfect accompaniment to a hotel restaurant table for 2 or even alongside a double bed in the hotel bedroom. Standing at 103 centimetres from the ground this cooler is designed to be at the perfect height to reach over from a seated position and grab your bottle comfortably.

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Secchio Wine & Champagne Cooler

We have designed the whole Signature range particularly with the hotel and restaurant industries in mind. We were very conscious of how the products appeared aesthetically but also how useful they remained as coolers – it is no good having a stunning looking Champagne bucket if all the ice melts within 10 minutes!


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We think the Secchio wine and champagne cooler (above) strikes this balance perfectly. An interesting shape, with a polished finish the Secchio will certainly draw the eye and reflect its surroundings. The dark wood base provides the Secchio with unrivalled balance as well as style, refusing to topple over once filled with ice and bottles of Champagne. The larger bowl shaped items such as the Secchio, the Bellagio and the Bollate can also make fantastic fruit bowls, perfect for storing the fresh produce often used in cocktails (as can be seen below).


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To find out more about Beaumont’s Signature range please visit our website. To talk to someone about any of the Signature range products or any others from the catalogue please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01525 722500.

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