Have you ever wondered if your bartenders are under or over-pouring?

The real question is, would you even be able to tell if your bartenders are over or under-pouring without monitoring each and every one of them? If you your pub is like most, then the chances are you have many different bartenders – some of which are part time, others that may be more full time. Either way, it is very hard to track and understand how each one of your bartenders pours unless you you measure the contents of every spirit and wine prior to opening and then again at closing. This is the old school method, which some bars and pubs still employ but as you can imagine it is very time and labour intensive.

There is another way however. What if we told you that you could ensure that every time your bartenders serve a spirit they are pouring the exact 25ml or 50ml?

The answer is of course optics, or spirit measures as they are also known. Now we know what you are thinking… Optics are old and outdated, or optics cost too much versus just buying a few different sized government stamped jiggers for behind the bar. The statement about cost would certainly be true: installing a range of optics behind the bar is always going to cost more that a jigger (although the installation only needs to be done once). That cost can be easily argued as an investment in your bottom line, as you ensure that you are going to receive revenue for every drop of that bottle of spirit. It is estimated that drinks serving establishments such as pubs and bars lose out on anywhere between 5%-15% of their daily revenue through consistent over-pouring by under trained staff – you also have to take into account accidents with dodgy pourers and the inevitable splash when a bartender misses the jigger with their initial pour.

However when it comes to the argument that optics are old and outdated – nothing could be further from the truth. Optics have been around for many years but there is a reason they live on, they offer unrivalled accuracy when it comes to pouring. Sure, trendy bars and cocktail establishments have moved away from them and will probably prefer to use jiggers, as these allow there bartenders to flair and they fit the image of the bar scene.

Pubs on the other hand are still largely using optics. Why? Because for the simple reason of why people go to pubs, for a drink and usually a chat – sometimes a boogie or some karaoke if you’re lucky! People go to pubs because you always know what you are going to get, a welcoming and warm environment – a chat with the bartender – and of course those ever present locals. By definition, pub is of course short for Public House; and that means home comforts, relaxation and maybe a bit of letting loose. Although it appears some pubs have forgotten this, particularly those run by the large pub groups.

Anyone who has seen a bar or a pub with a wall full of optics in full swing will be able to tell you that they are also quicker and more efficient than pouring. In the time it takes a bartender to grab the bottle of spirit and then the jigger, return to the front bar to pour the spirit and then return to the back bar to find the place to put the bottle back – a bartender standing at an optic can pour double the amount. It also protects you from that over-zealous customer who has had a few too many and claims you’ve been under-pouring their drinks all night and ripping them off – after all you can’t argue with an optic! (especially if you see the rigorous testing we put them through).

Now to discover each of them in all their glory:


25ml Solo Classical Spirit Measure

Perhaps our best seller, the Solo spirit measure looks like a traditional spirit measure but with an important modern twist. Every Beaumont spirit dispenser is made up of nearly 30 individual components, although they look fairly simple they are quite complicated to put together. Feedback we have received from the market suggests that the Solo has been such a popular choice, selling over 6 million units since 1981 in the UK alone, due to its reliability. Some of our customers have had the same spirit measures for almost 10 years! As the least expensive spirit measure in the range the Solo also represents fantastic value for money.

Containing the non-drip mechanism as the other spirit measures do, the Solo has a unique three pronged mechanism for dispensing liquid. The three pronged mechanism is a return to the traditional approach from Beaumont TM but has proved to be very popular. Furthermore, the three pronged design means there is never any need to use your hands to dispense, ensuring the highest levels of hygiene control behind your bar. As well as in all the standard ML sizes you can also get the Solo in 125ml, perfect for your bottles of house wine!

Metrix SL

spirit measures

The Metrix SL represents the premium spirit measure. Employed by premium bars and hotels all over the world, this spirit measure is the preferred premium choice due to its clean and modern looking design. The Metrix SL is made up of the same components and design as the Vogue as a result the Beaumont TM non-drip mechanism as well as the easy to use single handed operation are present, we don’t break out the sales slur at Beaumont TM we tell you how it is. The main difference between the Vogue and the Metrix SL is in the aesthetics .

As all Beaumont spirit measures are manufactured using the highest quality materials, this premium spirit measure will not buckle under pressure or become dilapidated after consistent use. Available in CL and US oz as well as 25ml/35ml/50ml and 35.5ml for use in the Republic of Ireland.


spirit measure

The Vogue spirit measure is perhaps our most opulent and eye catching spirit measure. Manufactured in the UK as all Beaumont spirit measures are, the Vogue along with all other Beaumont spirit dispensers are required to go through an intense and rigorous testing process before they are considered for public use, you can view the testing process in more detail at the end of this article.

A reliable spirit measure with a specially designed non-drip mechanism, you can be sure your Vogue optic is not going to leak revenue. The smooth dispense action is ensured during the manufacturing process where the key components are soaked in food-grade lubricant, which of course means there is no need to use your hand or finger when trying to get the Vogue optic to dispense; this is of course unhygienic and not an advisable way to use your Beaumont spirit measure.

The design of the Vogue certainly means it will stand out on the back bar, as it looks both distinctive and premium.  The Vogue doesn’t just look good however, it is also strong and durable as all of Beaumont’s spirit measures are manufactured using the highest quality plastics and other materials. One of the key areas where the strength is imbued is in the head plate, which allows the Vogue, Metrix SL and Solo to handle a 3 or 4 litre bottle of spirit without breaking or weakening. Also available in CL and US oz all Beaumont spirit measures come with a 1 year guarantee.


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