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Summer is just around the corner! The sun has finally emerged to show its welcome face, and a bright, warm spring can only mean one thing – more people pouring into pubs, going to bars in the evening and staying out to eat.

While it feels like we’ve had many coming-out parties post-lockdown, spring and summer this year promise to eclipse them all, with the full summer of events, including a national celebration for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. With many pubs, bars and restaurants thriving and being booked up a long time in advance, it’s fierce competition out there at the moment to grab each customer’s attention.

There’s no better time to up your game and up your presence out on the street and inside your building – to market yourself, charm customers, entice new visitors and instil loyalty in regulars. Message boards and signage are a great way to do this, and can be used in a wide variety of ways – in the age of social media you could find that your hand-written message gets shared online if people find it particularly engaging, but don’t worry, you don’t need to be a comedian or an inspirational writer to keep your signage fresh, just try to project your own unique brand out to the world!

Of course, it helps to have quality boards and signs that look as good as the experience you’re creating for your customers, and we have a range of options to do just that – and to keep things practical for staff updating boards or moving them around day-to-day.


A classic blackboard brings a familiar, comforting presence and they’re great for communicating brand messages or specials and promotions.

Free-Standing A-Boards

Reversible Curved Top A-Board Oak Finish H800mm x W515mm

Our freestanding A-Boards are reversible, giving you four usable faces and making it easier to switch between lunchtime and evening menus. We also offer both square and curved tops so you can further refine the look you want to project.

Green Metal Sided A-Board

A green metal-sided A-Board again offers a classic look but with a vibrant finish, which could be perfect for you in the summer months.

Framed Blackboards

Versatile and easily moved around, framed boards can be great for hanging up, or leaning against a wall or in a corner. Our framed boards come in Antique Pine or Oak finishes and in a variety of sizes – they can be ideal if your space means that you need to move boards around so that different customers get a view.

Framed Blackboard Antique Pine Finish 936mm x 636mm

Hand-Held Menu Boards

On the lighter, more portable side but still in-keeping with a classic blackboard feel, hand-held menu boards are complete with a handle for staff (or customers) to move around. Especially good for table numbers, or reserved signs.

Foamex Boards

A4 Easel Board Foamex 210mm x 297mm

A light, practical option to go on tabletops or on the bar, Foamex is a great solution for ease-of-use and ease of cleaning – and they look great too!


Table/Bar Top Easel For Boards Mahogany Finish

Also pictured above in use with the Foamex A4 Board, the easel will accommodate A5 or A4 boards.

Something to write with…

And finally, you’ll need to be well-stocked with dependable writing and cleaning materials, so that your boards look fantastic day in day out. We offer a range of real chalk and chalk pens in white and coloured options, as well as cleaning solution – check them out here. 

For more beautiful barware that breathes your individuality out to the world, be sure to check out our new and updated range…

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