Get Picky with Cocktail Picks…

Alone, the garnish pick is a humble tool, but it has the potential to turn your drink into the flashiest thing in the room. You might think that the type of pick you use is an afterthought, but you could be missing a trick!

As a bar, pub, or restaurant that wants to wow customers with different moods and atmospheres for different occasions, you should be equipped with a range of cocktail garnish picks. There really is a fine balance between a good and bad garnish pick, and it’s the smaller details which can turn a drink from good to great. Cheap materials can make a drink look tacky, but a high-quality pick makes all the difference.

First, there’s the length. Our cocktail picks vary in length from 10.8 cm to 11.6 cm. As you probably know, cocktail picks are either placed on top of a glass or inside them. The different lengths are designed for different glass types. If you want to put a pick in a Martini or small Coupe glass, it’s probably better to use a shorter one. A longer one could easily fall over the edge of the glass and spoil the presentation you’ve worked hard for. Whichever glass you use, we’ve got you covered!

Another thing to look out for is weight. Our picks weigh between 0.005 kg and 0.011 kg. The main reason for this difference is the decorative pieces on the end. If you’re using a Martini glass, it’s better to use a pick with a lighter end, again, so it doesn’t fall out of your glass!

Not only are our metal picks superior to bamboo, wood, or plastic picks in terms of strength and durability, they’re also reusable, easy to clean and, as you can see from our collection, they look great!

Now you know more about the important details of cocktail picks, take your pick from laid-back pineapple picks, to gritty skulls, to more subtle designs. And the pick itself is just the beginning! There are endless possibilities for what you can put on your picks and how you can arrange them. With Beaumont’s garnish picks, you can get creative with a flourish!


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