Get Jigger-y With It: The Banded Jigger

Some say that jiggers get their name from the word “thingamajig”, a word that references something you just don’t know the word for. Others, however, think that it’s a shortened version of “jiggermast” which refers to the smallest mast on the sailboat and what sailors called their daily ration of rum or gin. Whichever side of the debate you fall on (and don’t spend too much time thinking about it) you’ll need to know your way around a jigger.


Beaumont’s banded jiggers, which come in antique brass, stainless steel, and copper plate (so there’s one for every aesthetic and theme), are Japanese-style jiggers.

These jiggers are designed to reduce the risk of spilling and give the bartender more control. The long body enables bartenders to pour with intention and avoid pouring by mistake. This purposefulness is typical of Japanese bartending. The rim or the “lip” of the jigger prevents overflow and mess.


But just because they’re more precise, it doesn’t mean they’re more boring! Like all parts of bartending, jiggering is a foundational skill which can become part of a larger performance and expression of the bartender’s personality. Handling a jigger like a pro is the ultimate display of sleight of hand, and having the confidence that your jigger will not spill its contents gives you the chance to add some real finesse to your flair moves!

Jiggers may be in competition with measured pourers, thimble measures, and even (for the braver bartender) the free pour, but whilst they might be less common than they used to be, there are still many moments where the precise measurement, speed, and undeniable style of a classic jigger is head and shoulders the best measurement technology.

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