Feb 26th is Open That Bottle Night – But What About Once It’s Open? – Chill It In Style with These Wine Coolers

Open That Bottle Night was created by wine critics Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher in the 90s. The idea is that you open a significant bottle and share stories – encouraging people to reconnect over a delicious bottle of wine.

Well… as usual our minds immediately turn to barware – if you’re opening a special bottle, you better be treating it with special regard once you’ve opened it! Depending on your style and the vibe of the situation where your bottle will be shared, you might choose a very different way to do this. But, you’re in luck, our range of coolers ticks all the boxes, see which tickles your fancy…


8 Litre Plastic Champagne Coolers

Great for big parties, mobile caterers, and convenient use, our 8-litre plastic champagne coolers are super robust and capacious. Fill them with ice, load in a few bottles and let the good times roll…

Available in a range of styles and colours – check out the full range. 



A stainless steel or aluminium bucket brings a classic look to the occasion, without being anything ostentatious. Not as capacious as their 8-litre plastic cousins, our buckets range between 4 and 5 litres.

Check out the full range. 


Classic Wine Coolers

For those more intimate scenarios, and if you want to keep your bottle on the dining table throughout the meal it’s got to be a classic one bottle cooler. If on February 26th, you’re opening something you were really saving for this special night, treat that special bottle as the prized possession it is and give it the home it deserves. If you’re buying for your bar or restaurant we have several options to match up with the ambience or colour scheme you’re going for.

Check out the full range. 


Options to Really Grab Some Attention

Now we get to to the real feature pieces. If you really want to show off your bottle and bring a lot of class to the room we have options that go far beyond being functional wine coolers. Our bowl-shaped coolers are particularly popular and bring a real sense of opulence, they are available in the Bellagio and Bollate styles – both with hammered finishes to give them a textured feel. A Deluxe Cooler with Stand (below left) is great for a group in an upmarket restaurant or wine bar.

There are more options available in our range so make sure you check them out.


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