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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – mixology is both a science and an art. The Glass Dropper Bottle exemplifies this perfectly. So, let’s look at how the tool that looks like it came straight from a high school chemistry lesson can make your cocktails more sensual and attractive.

Many recipes call for bitters, but depending on what you’re making you might not need to be quite so precise as to need a dropper bottle. Glass droppers are usually used to add bitters to egg white cocktails. The droplets give them beautiful aromas and can add colourful designs to their foam. The dropper enables close control over the amount of bitters and where it is placed – so that the foam becomes your canvas and the dropper bottle your paintbrush!

Dropper bottles are a much more reliable, professional alternative to the straw method. The straw method involves putting a straw into a bitters bottle, with your thumb on top of the other end so the bitters can be sucked up into it, before removing the thumb to release it. That’s all well and good for the home mixologist, but for the pros, not only does it not produce stunning results as reliably, but it will cause you to slow down during service (which may not be an option), plus a dropper bottle will add a real mystique to the cocktail-making process and your expert bar staff.

20ml Glass Dropper Bottle

Super accurate and reliable, our dropper bottle has a capacity of 20ml – so you can fill it up and use its controlled mechanism to apply as many drops as you need, without worrying that a flurry of drops will come out at once, and without the need to keep refilling.

Using a dropper to decorate your creations is a real skill and takes a bit of practice. But once you’ve got used to dropping precisely, you can get really creative and even make stencils for more complex designs and efficiency.

There are some fabulous flashes of flair you can add to your creations simply by using a dropper and a dragging tool such as a garnish pick. There are a lot of great examples out there, and dropper bottles have been used to create everything from hearts, to feathers, to decorative circles, and beyond…


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