Elevating Cocktails with Egg Whites

Egg whites turn an ordinary drink into a velvety masterpiece. Not only do they add a luscious, creamy texture, but they also act as harmonisers by smoothing out the sharp edges of acidic ingredients like citrus. The snowy white foam crown provides a blank canvas for creative garnishes. From intricate designs drawn with bitters to delicate flower petals adorning the foam, the possibilities are endless, adding an extra layer of allure to your drink.

Here’s how to get the most from your egg-white foam:

The Method: Shaking It Up

  1. Dry Shake: Begin by shaking the cocktail without ice. This allows the egg whites to emulsify and start forming the foam.
  2. Add Ice and Shake Again: After the dry shake, add ice to the shaker and shake the cocktail once more. This chills the drink while further aerating the egg whites for a creamy foam.


  1. Consider the Reverse: Alternatively, try the “Reverse Dry Shake” method. Shake the cocktail with ice first, then strain and shake again without ice. This may result in a foamier texture with larger bubbles.

Both methods have their merits. The traditional dry shake yields a velvety texture, while the reverse method creates a larger foam. Find out what works best. Play around with both methods or apply them to different drinks.

Other Things to Consider!

  1. Additional Tools: To expedite foaming, use a foam booster like a spring or whisk ball in the shaker. This helps aerate the egg whites faster, but it may be noisy and spoil your desired performance.
  2. Explore Alternatives: For those wary of using raw eggs or adhering to a vegan lifestyle, fear not. Powdered egg whites offer a safe and convenient alternative, whilst aquafaba, the liquid from canned chickpeas, provides a vegan-friendly option with impressive foaming capabilities. Additionally, Versawhip, derived from soy proteins, offers a unique alternative for those willing to experiment.
  3. Keeping it Safe: While risks exist, they can be minimised through careful selection of fresh, clean eggs and the inclusion of sterilising agents like citrus and alcohol in the cocktail.


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