Elegant, Sophisticated, Modern – The Preciso Jigger

New for 2016 to the Beaumont barware range and a perfect addition for any craft flair establishments out there, is the terribly elegant and sophisticated Preciso jigger. A classy measure by style, the Preciso jigger was popularised within the Japanese cocktail and bar scene and is used extensively within the world of craft flair – due to it’s sophisticated styling and multi-measure capabilities.

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Craft flair focusses on using the most beautiful and natural aesthetics, from vibrant and fresh materials, to highly professional & traditional cocktail tools, and new and interesting flair techniques. Defined by the World Flair Association, ‘craft flair is a new style of bartending, emerging within the industry, which incorporates the cocktail making process and flair bartending into one efficient, fluid, motion.’


craft flair preciso jigger


Constructed entirely from stainless steel, and brass for the joiner in the middle, the Preciso is incredibly resilient and good value. The Preciso shouldn’t rust, corrode, or stain with water or any other highly acidic liquids that pass through it on a daily basis. In addition to that the whole construction will retain its strength and hold and will polish up well – ensuring that your barware always looks sparkling on the front or back bar.


The Mezclar Preciso jigger is unique not only for its sophisticated styling and affinity within craft flair, but also for its markings. One side of the Preciso jigger your standard UK 25ml measure, with the opposite side being the standard 50ml measure. On the 25ml side of the jigger, the Preciso has 5ml markings from 0-25ml, in addition on the 50ml side the Preciso jigger has 10ml markings from 0-50ml – as pictured below:


preciso jigger

preciso jigger


These extra markings on both side of the jigger make the Preciso perfect for all manner of cocktail making and precise pouring. In addition, the double sided nature of the Preciso along with the extra 5ml and 10ml markings allow the bartender to make use of this jigger for the entire drinks preparation process, hopefully without any need to use another jigger or measure, therefore ensuring there is less barware to clean up at the end of the shift and less barware needed on the bar as a whole. Furthermore, the taller, steeper angle of the side walls of this jigger mean that you won’t have the same problem of spilling that can often occur with the classic jigger design.


To discover more about our Mezclar Preciso jigger, or any other of our products, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01525 722500.

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