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The squeezy bottle, simple but effective – and now available as part of our new foodservice range! You may have seen last week we have launched a number of new products at Beaumont TM focussed on expanding our foodservice selection and this week we have three more to add. Meet our new easy squeezy bottles, available in red, clear, and yellow.

Each of the different coloured squeezy bottles can come in three varying sizes, 8oz, 12oz, and 24oz. So it doesn’t matter how much sauce you have, we have the bottle to meet your needs! These bottles are ideal for front of house table service, as well as for use behind the bar and in the kitchen. What you put in your squeezy bottle is up to you!

Traditionally the squeezy bottle has been used mainly for sauces, however squeezy bottles such as these make great decorating tools too. In the kitchen, a simple squeezy bottle can be filled with any liquid or sauce you like and used to garnish a dinner plate or drizzle sauce over the food. Behind the bar, the clear squeezy bottles can be particularly useful for holding fruit purees that are used in cocktails or used to draw intricate shapes and patterns on top of hot drinks.

As you probably know by now, the colour of the bottle usually corresponds with the sauce inside, which makes them great for tables. The sauce stays fresh and untampered in the bottle and you may even see some efficiency increases for your front of house staff as they no longer have to keep running back and forth to the kitchen to fetch sauces. So whether you want to garnish, drizzle, or decorate it’s easy squeezy with our new range of bottles.



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