Dry January? Don’t Mock it ’till You’ve Tried it!

Now, we know some of you might think it a travesty that we’re dedicating a blog to talking about mocktails. However, worldwide, low to no alcohol consumption is projected to increase by 34%. When this is added to the recorded decline in spending on alcohol by millennials, the mocktail market is something bars have to start taking seriously.

Whether you’re embracing mocktails willingly or unwillingly, for just a month or as part of a lifestyle shift, you can still enjoy some gorgeous creations. The art of mixology faces an interesting challenge when it comes to low and non-alcoholic drinks, how can you make them so good that the absence of booze isn’t too big a deal? Here are some tips…

Finding a way to add deep flavours to a drink is a good start. Bitterness in particular stimulates appetite which mimics an effect of alcohol. Unfortunately, this isn’t simple. Most aromatic cocktail bitters are alcoholic and for those avoiding drinking completely, this might not do. For low-alcohol drinks, bitters are a great option and there are some great non-alcoholic bitters on the market and more emerging all the time.

Whatever you’re serving, using a Dropper Bottle to nail presentation and maintain a sense of artistry in your creation is always a good idea, and storing your bitters in one of our beautiful Bitters Bottles will do the same.

Another great way to mimic cocktails is to add various textures using sugars, acids, herbal concoctions, or egg-white froth. These different textures stimulate the senses in ways that help people to forget their drink is alcohol-free. Arm yourself with a Hawthorne Strainer and Shaker for the perfect egg-white froth.

You’ll want to find a way to replace the heat and intensity of alcohol. As mentioned, something bitter may do the trick, but also consider something with a little spice on the finish. Cocktails, unlike non-alcoholic beverages in general, are drinks that have to be sipped to be enjoyed, so you want to make every little sip linger.

Don’t forget about the presentation! A mocktail should look and feel like a cocktail. So, pull out the Garnish Picks, bring out the Tiki Glasses and Parasols, and go crazy with eye-catching garnishes!


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