Craft Beer Cocktails: Changing the Image of Beer

The Craft Beer Revolution is in full swing. Passionate, small-scale breweries are transforming the image of beer. Using innovative techniques to develop unique flavours, they have changed the beer game forever. This has done wonders for the possibilities of beer-based cocktails. The complexity of craft beers added to mixology’s artistry, is creating new worlds for cocktail lovers and creators to explore!

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Beer-based cocktails, often affectionately referred to as “beer-tails,” are a testament to beer’s new-found versatility. By combining beer with spirits, liqueurs, fresh fruits, and aromatic herbs, bartenders can create a wide range of inventive and delicious cocktails that showcase the unique flavours and characteristics of both beer and spirits. Here are a few examples to inspire some new menu items:


Shandies are perhaps the most well-known beer-based cocktails. Known for being light and refreshing, and traditionally made by combining beer with lemonade or ginger beer, this classic concept is being taken to new heights. Whether it’s a citrusy IPA shandy or a tropical wheat beer shandy, these refreshing inventions could be a summer hit!

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Beer Margaritas

Beer margaritas have an added depth and complexity. By combining the tangy sweetness of margaritas with the fizziness of beer, this variation offers an exciting twist on a Mexican classic. By adding flavours ranging from spicy jalapeño to tropical pineapple, there’s so much room for creativity here.

Beer Mojitos

Beer mojitos combine the crispness of beer with the herbal freshness of mint and the tartness of lime, resulting in a cocktail that’s both familiar but also completely new! Whether it’s a light and citrusy Witbier mojito or a bold and hoppy IPA mojito, these innovative mixtures are sure to excite even the most experienced palate.

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From beer sangrias infused with fresh fruit to beer-based mules garnished with ginger and lime, the possibilities for beer cocktails are limited only by the imagination. With each new creation, bartenders have the opportunity to push the boundaries of what’s possible, and create unforgettable drinking experiences for both beer lovers and cocktail enthusiasts.


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