Cocktails & Tools: A Classic Snowball

Dreaming of a white Christmas? For many of us, that dream has come true early this year with much of the country getting blanketed with snowfall over the past week or so.

The snow itself can be great fun! But if you’re anything like us you’re indoors mixing up some seasonal cocktails. The mulled wine is sure to be flowing and keeping spirits warm at this time of year, but when it’s white outside a classic snowball is a refreshing companion to have at home or out and about.

So, this week, we bring you a classic recipe with the Beaumont barware to give you that perfect serve…

Classic Snowball


10-15ml lime juice or lime cordial

50ml advocaat

50ml sparkling lemonade


Cherries (for the garnish)


For chilled winter cocktails, it’s always beautiful to put your creations in metal barware that gives you a lovely frosty finish when served. During the festive period, the warming aesthetic of copper is also highly desirable, so we’re going to recommend serving your snowball in our Mezclar Copper Moscow Mule Mug.

1. Fill the mug half with ice and add up to 15ml of lime juice or cordial.


If you’re planning on making a large number of cocktails it’s always a good idea to have colour-coded juice bottles on hand, keeping juices fresh, accessible, and easy to pour during a busy service. Bitters bottles also offer a more aesthetically pleasing alternative.

Our Mexican Elbow squeezers are perfect for helping you juice quickly and effectively.

2. Measure and pour your advocaat and lemonade over the ice.

Use a Beaumont jigger or thimble measure for assured accuracy.

3. Stir gently with a cocktail spoon of your choosing until the outside of the mug feels cold (and starts to take on that frosty look).


If you are looking to produce multiple cocktails at once, you can use a mixing glass, but remember, as this is a fizzy cocktail, stir and pour very carefully!


4. Garnish with cherry

This is the perfect time to bring out a classy copper ball garnish pick (minus the orange of course!)

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