Brexit doesn’t mean Brexit for Beaumont

So we have known for a long time that people like to do things differently. For example when it comes to tea, some people will put the milk in first followed by the teabag – for some this could be the complete wrong way of doing it, but everyone has their preference and each has their own advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to serving alcohol, it is no different.

Here in the UK, alcohol serving establishments largely use optics or spirit measures, our most renowned product worldwide. The story could be the same across Europe, as it is in many countries outside Europe, however there is a little gizmo fitted in the top of the neck of the bottle. This gizmo acts as a valve that only lets liquid out and not in, therefore ensuring that branded bottles of alcohol cannot be refilled and reused. Quite often it is about brand protection, to ensure places aren’t filling up your empty bottles of spirit with a cheap alternative and trying to pass it off as the real deal.

european optics

As you can imagine this also causes a problem when trying to use a wall mounted spirit measure such as the Vogue or the Metrix SL. Due to the non-refillable closure valve in the bottle neck, a seal cannot be formed between the spirit measure and the bottle. Here at Beaumont TM we refuse to accept this as the status quo and have come up with a work around just for the European market – aptly named the European Adaptor. Don’t worry Europe there is no sign of Brexit here, we have you covered! All of our spirit measures are available in the European standard 35ml as well.

european optics



Considering we work with a lot of people around the world and on the continent,  we came up with a suitable work-around that allows you to use the bottle with the protector and also the typical wall mounted optics or spirit measure.

We call it the Euro Adaptor and it will work with all different sizes of bottles, you just need to make sure you have the correct size bracket to hold the bottle as well. This smart little device will allow a seal to be created and the European optics will work as they should, providing all the benefits and advantages that come with using wall optics; such as an increased efficiency in the time taken to serve and prepare drinks, an impeccable wastage record compared to hand held measures and as a result a myriad of savings in what is typically spent on stock.

If you would like to discover more about the Euro Adaptor, find the product code, etc – then please follow this link:

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