Branded Blades: Our most popular branded item

When you’re interested in top quality barware (and I think it’s safe to say you are, seeing as you have found your way to our blog), there are many considerations when choosing items for your bar. Style, sophistication, cleanliness, efficiency, order and organisation all play a part, but it’s also about promoting your brand from the moment customers set eyes on your establishment to the moment they leave.

One main reason that barware is so important, and particularly things like shakers, strainers and bar blades, is that eyes are always going to be glued on staff when they’re prepping drinks. It’s obviously vitally important to have well-trained staff, with an attitude and demeanour that matches the brand you’re trying to create, dressed the part, and equipped with high-quality tools at their disposal… and a little signature of your brand on their person at all times is a great finishing touch to bring all that together.

It’s no surprise that branded bar blades are easily our most popular branded item. Whatever your target market is, you need bar blades, and especially if (like many) you’re not opting for a branded uniform, they can be a subtle way to bring your brand to the fore and ensure it lasts long in the memory.

Every member of staff should have their very own bar blade, and while your best-laid plans are sure to be tested as things get lost amongst busy services, you should go the extra mile to ensure you never have a shortage and are stocked to replace any lost bar blades. Part of delivering top quality service is being well-equipped at all times, and it can really look amateurish if staff are wheeling around at a loss for a bar blade. So, a bank of branded bar blades to replace lost ones and provide to new staff should be a staple of any bar manager’s store cupboard!

We offer the facility to custom print on a vast range of our products. If you’re looking to brand other items from our range, the chances are we can make it happen – check out our previous blog on the subject, or get in contact.

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