What are ‘bitters’? And what is a ‘bitters bottle’?

What are bitters? We know any good cocktail bar needs them, some of the best and classic cocktails contain them after all but what actually are they? Bitters (not to be confused with biters) are made by infusing a neutral spirit, such as vodka, with any number of aromatics – and usually it is a fair amount of aromatics. These can include everything form tree bark and spices to roots and seeds. Bitters are great, biters not so much.

As with many cocktails and well known drinks today, which were originally created or marketed as tonics, bitters share the same history. Originally marketed and developed for medicinal purposes, the ingredients of bitters were believed to impart good health upon the drinker. The health claims, as with most marketing campaigns at the time, were outlandish to say the least: Cure malaria, restore youthful vigour, grow your hair back, etc.

Bitters are now so established within the world of cocktails that you will know more than one brand, with the two big ones being Agnostura and Peychaud. These are your classic bitters, however you can find all sorts of new flavoured biters from orange bitters to lemon bitters, cumin bitters, Memphis Barbecue bitters and more!

As bitters have become more and more established in the world of drinks, so too have bitters bottles. Many establishments don’t like to necessarily show the brand where it is not a unique selling point – with a bottle of liquor showing the bottle is imperative – with support products such as bitters and purees, etc, it is not as important to the customer. As a result, many opt for something that sits on the back bar and adds a bit of style and character to their establishment.

Available in three varying shapes and sizes, the Beaumont bitters bottle, not only look great but just as importantly, work great too. Made from glass, with elegant plated nicked pour spouts with cork – these bottles only look better when filled with your different flavoured bitters. If you are a specialist cocktail bar and stock more than one kind of bitters, having different size bottles with different bitters in it arranged on the back bar can look really appealing and certainly supports bars in getting back to that more classical, apothecary style feel that seems to be in fashion at the moment.

Spare corks with chrome pour spouts are available for sale too, although these bitters bottles will stand the test of time and the test of your glass wash. Although they wont cure malaria, these bitters bottles will ensure your bar remains fashionable and stylish.

Discover more on the bitters bottle here: https://beaumonttm.co.uk/bar-products-and-accessories/mezclar/bitters-bottles/

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