Beaumont TM support next generation of bartenders through WFA Gradings

Here at Beaumont TM we aim to imagine and create visually stunning as well as useful products for the entertainment and hospitality industry, this of course includes all sorts of establishments: from humble bars and cafes, to international hotels and sprawling conference centres. A large proportion of what we do is centred around the bar industry in particular, with our most popular product to this day remaining the Beaumont TM spirit measure.

At Beaumont we have an ongoing dialogue with the industry, in particular bartenders and bar owners, ensuring that we can stay on top of the wants, needs and requirements of this fast paced, ever-changing scene. As part of this endeavour we linked up with the WFA (World Flair Association), as we have before, in an attempt to add value to the work that they are currently undertaking with young people all around the world.

The WFA has created a bartender grading system, which has been adopted by a number of bar schools all around the world. This system provides a structured framework for young, aspiring bartenders to work through in order to become knowledgeable and skillful flair bartenders. There are currently four different levels, starting at Yellow, moving through to Orange, then Green and finally Blue. Here at Beaumont TM we proudly supply the cocktail shakers that signify that you have passed this WFA grade and supply them free of charge to each student after they have completed their WFA grading level.

To find out more on the WFA flair bartender grading or to get started on your own journey, just take a look below:

What can aspiring bartenders expect to learn?

“Any bartender undertaking WFA Yellow level can expect to learn a mixture of working flair, exhibition flair and craft flair. We believe this represents a more well rounded bartender as it demonstrates all disciplines of working behind a bar, whether that is working behind a small bar, out in the open at an event, or entertaining on stage! The cocktails that you will be required to make for WFA Yellow Grade are all classics and cocktails you would expect to find around the world. As you can imagine they start more simple at Yellow level and become more complex as you progress through the grading system.

As well as this, when it comes to flair bartending you can expect to be learning moves from some of the greats and current flair bartenders such as Tomek Malek, Nicholas St Jean, Luca Valentin and Christian Delpeche”.

How can I start?

Upon completing your WFA Grading you will receive a coloured shaker to represent the level passed, a certificate and your profile on the WFA website will display a digital badge for any grading level you have passed. These can also be used on your CV to impress future potential employers.

Please email the WFA at to discover where you can start your WFA Grading journey. Check out our video on WFA Yellow Level to find out what it entails:



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