Beaumont TM opens a new showroom in the Midlands

The vast number of products we manufacture and distribute all have something in common, they are generally used day in, day out. As many of our products become fundamental tools in many a workplace, we understand how important it can be to get hands on with some of these products before you invest in a box full for the various establishments you lead or manage.

And so the showroom was born. Joining our Flitwick showroom at our Headquarters in Bedfordshire, the Rugeley showroom in the Midlands offers a fantastic location to get hands on with the entire product range whilst not having to travel huge distances (particularly if you are located North of the Midlands).

With a host of excellent on site facilities including a cafe and a board room, the Rugley showroom is an ideal place to meet and discuss your catering or barware requirements. Not to mention there is always a bit of fun to be had with the different bar tools, albeit without the alcohol! Perhaps you fancy a go with the Flair Bottle?

From our hugely popular Peg Boards, to our wide range of cocktail shakers, jiggers and strainers, all of Beaumont’s most popular products will be on show and ready for you to test in whatever way you see fit (as long as that doesn’t involve launching the products at the wall to test durability!).

Although our entire range will come with guidance on size and use, you just cannot beat holding the actual product in your hands. Getting a feel for our various champagne and wine coolers, testing out which pour spouts would work best for your staff or ensuring all your bottles will fit in the speed rail are all vital tests that can only really be carried out with the product in your hands.

Recognising this we have made an effort to provide two places in the South and the Midlands for you to achieve just that with potentially more to come. To organise a time and a place to get hands on with the Beaumont range – please contact

Beaumont TM Midlands Showroom Address: The Towers Business Park, Rugeley, Staffordshire WS15 1UZ


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