Introducing our new Bar Caddies and Napkin Holders

Are you bored with the same old bar caddy designs? Let’s be honest for such a main stay on the front bar you would think there might have been a bit more imagination utilised by the industry over the years. Generally rectangular in shape, with four different sections for various stirrers and straws at one end and a napkin section at the other. We have been providing them for many years, albeit at least in a few different colours.

Worry no longer, we have heard your cries for more and bring you a new, very cool and modern range of bar caddies, we label the bar organiser. We have thrown the rule book out the window! No longer are the bar caddies resigned to a single level and a single shape. These new bar organisers, as you can see above and below, are set on their own little pedestal – they really are that cool. We like to think of them as the champions, convincing tired bar owners that bar caddies can once again be cool and relevant.


Available in black or chrome these bar caddies can adopt one of two personas on the bar: loud and eye-catching, in the chrome. Or cool and understated in the black. As will all Beaumont TM products we have carefully chosen the materials to ensure that the bar caddies provide good value for money, staying pristine and undegraded through many nights of service and bar clean downs.

napkin holder

Something else that has become clear over the years is that not all bars actually want a bar caddy on the front bar, or if they do, have no use for the added compartments to the napkin section. Finally we have a couple of new items, just for you, in the shape of our new napkin holders.

Similar to the new bar caddies they are also available in black as well as chrome. Unlike the bar caddies these napkin holders are a little more understated and are on one level rather than raised on a pedestal. More importantly the loss of the other sections has allowed this napkin holder to escape its rectangular roots and become a square. We are not sure what it is but we just find squares pleasing to look at, more pleasing than rectangles anyway – maybe its just us – we’re not rectanglist though.

napkin holder

These new napkin holders can sit on the front bar for guests, the back bar for bar staff or even in a restaurant or the toilets. The modern design and the neutral finish ensure they will fit in almost anywhere napkins are needed. Soon to be available through our various re-sellers and distributors, look out for the all new Beaumont TM bar caddies and napkin holders.

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