A new home for the Grail

The Grail lands at TGI Fridays

Just 18 months ago we launched our Grail jigger, re-imagining the design of a bar essential, the humble jigger.

Developed in conjunction with flair legend Tom Dyer, the Grail has been designed with performance in mind. Its elegant design and suitability for craft flair has caught the eye of restaurant chain TGI Fridays who this week took delivery of their own ‘holy grails’. Keep an eye out for them in action at one of their famous bars from this weekend…

So, what makes the Grail so different to any other jigger?

Firstly, it does what you need it to do – it measures spirits!

The Grail measures from 10ml to 50ml in 5ml increments. This allows more freedom and precision when dispensing liquor, perfect for a busy bar that serves a wide range of cocktails. And, because it is nickel-plated it’s far less susceptible to corrosion and general wear and tear.

As with all Beaumont TM manufactured products, the grail has been designed working with professional bartenders, perhaps Tom Dyer’s signature was a bit of a give away!? Working with Tom has allowed us to pay special attention to the way the grail sits in your hand, leading to the unique weighting and distinctive shape.

Not only does it have aesthetic appeal but the design has been optimised for use when performing flair. Check out Tom’s YouTube video below where he showcases 17 flair moves with the Grail, inspiration for getting the best out of the Grail from one of the very best in business.

So, from the home bar connoisseur to next generation of flair world champions, the Grail is the perfect bar tool to get creative with this autumn.

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