5 Things You Didn’t Know About Beaumont Spirit Measures…

5 Things you didn’t know about… spirit measures

1) Handmade in the UK

You read that right, not everything in 2020 is sourced from the Far East! All of our spirit measures are lovingly assembled by hand in our Bedfordshire factory where they have been made for the last 42 years. We source our components from UK manufacturers which means that EVERY measure is stamped, verified and made to the highest  specification. So, ignore the cheap imitations and buy quality that you truly can rely upon.


2) A globetrotter

From the Shetland Islands to Kenya and down to the south island of New Zealand, our spirit measures are spotted in bars around the globe As the largest manufacturer of approved spirit measures in the world, our range of optics are now sold in over 42 countries with Columbia recently joining the list of new locations.

3) How many?

Since 2010, we have sold over 4.5 million spirits measures. That’s very nearly enough for every person in Eire to have one each! Providing accurate and hygienic measures in pubs, clubs, and home bars our spirit measures continue to provide a cost effective and reliable service solution.


4) Its the law!

That right, the UK Weights and Measures Act specifies that gin, rum, vodka and whisky must be sold in 25 or 35ml quantities (or multiples of these measurements). No excuses! So, do away with messy, inaccurate (and potentially unlawful) free pouring and make sure you and your customer get maximum value with our verified non-drip dispense.

5) Size is everything…

It may be a product which really does promote the best of British but our measures are also available in CL and US oz sizes. Yes, we have love for our non-metric customers too! Contact our sales office (info@Beaumonttm.co.uk) for details about variations for the European and American markets.

Check out this weeks Autumnal cocktail the ‘Sour 43’ made exclusively with Beaumont barware by our friends @cocktailcreation UK on Insta! Enjoy!

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