What’s Cooler Than Being Cool? (Ice Cold)

When it comes to cocktail-making, many people think that any ice will do. But ice can really make or break a drink! Ice affects everything. Not only does it impact the quality of the drink by enhancing aromas, but it also contributes to aesthetics. Beaumont’s got you covered to deliver high-quality ice time and time again, so here are 4 types of ice you can make with the Beaumont range!

Regular Ice Cubes

1 1/4″ Cube Tray

These cubes are the most common in bars across the world. They’re the perfect size for most glasses and can be stacked up to the brim. They’re thick enough that they don’t melt too quickly and dilute the mixture and are perfect for both shaking and stirring.

Large Ice Cubes


2″ Cube Tray

These are usually double the size of regular ice cubes. They melt more slowly keeping the drink chilled for longer without diluting it too quickly. These are perfect in a lowball glass and create a sophisticated look, especially in a glass of whiskey. They can be used for shaking but aren’t great for stirring.

Crushed Ice

Heavy Duty Ice Crusher

Crushed ice adds a unique texture. An essential component of many cocktail recipes, crushed ice melts quickly and gives the drink a moreish, slushy-like texture which encourages drinkers to sip more quickly and keep the party going.

Ice Balls

Silicone Ice Ball Mould

Ice balls are a real showstopper. They serve the same purpose as large ice cubes but actually melt a little slower due to their surface area. Perfect for neat spirits that are sipped over a long period of time.

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