What do you think a Rimmer is for?

Perhaps you haven’t tried a rimmer yet, perhaps you are curious whether a rimmer would be useful for your bar, restaurant, pub, or place. What we can say, is once you’ve tried a rimmer you’ll wonder how you’ve gone this long without one. We are of course talking about the glass rimmer, this bar accessory is a must-have for applying salt, sugar, popping candy or a variety of other substances to the rim of a glass.

For example, a true margarita cannot be made without a rimmer – have you ever tried putting salt on the edge of a glass without one? Sure it can be done (or bodged) but why go to all that bother when you can have the perfect implement at your disposal?

glass rimmer

Consisting of three shallow disks, one is generally used for lime or lemon juice, and the others for sugar and salt, this bar accessory is the perfect organiser for even the most hectic of bars. When not required, to keep the bar looking neat and tidy the glass rimmer can be easily slotted together to form one neat and sleek unit (as can be seen at the top of the page).

It isn’t just margaritas that can benefit from a good rimming, but various sweet and sour shots (or shooters) and even the odd long drink. Sometimes used for aesthetics as an addition or replacement for garnish a glass rimmed in sugar, or salt, can look interesting and different; drawing the eye of the average customer who may then want ‘what they just had!’.  A quarter or three quarter rimmed glass can look particularly intriguing, particularly if you are using pink Himalayan salt.


Rimmers of old would come as three standard disks, the plastic would often be low quality and leave your rimmer looking faded and the mechanism stiff after just a few trips through the glasswash. Beaumont’s rimmer has been built to upgrade on the rimmers of the past, made from high-quality plastic and featuring an innovative sponge layer for your liquid disk.

The sponges, which can also be acquired separately, are great for protecting your liquid from foreign invaders! Any bartender will tell you this can and will happen during busy service, all it takes is a few clumsy hands and half the salt ends up in the lime disk!

To view more info on the Beaumont TM glass rimmer, including carton size and more, please visit: https://beaumonttm.co.uk/product/3-part-glass-rimmer/


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