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This week we explore the next ‘How To’ video in the series with professional bartender Jumbles St Pierre, this time we are covering another key implement in the cocktail making process, the bar spoon or stirrers. As always we will cover each of the bar spoons in the Beaumont TM range below, whilst the video will walk you through the professional do’s and don’ts of using bar spoons in cocktail making.

Do you know why the some bar spoons such as the Japanese style are much longer? Or why each of the bar spoons have a different style on the opposite end to the spoon? Jumbles covers all of this and more in the video – so there is only one thing left to do…

The Cocktail Spoon

Modelled on the original bar spoon, the cocktail spoon has the traditional red end and the twisted stem. Still widely used in America this bar spoon does the job, low cost and good value.

beaumont bar spoons

The Cocktail Spoon with Disc

The cocktail spoon with disc is very similar to the original cocktail spoon however the plastic red tip is replaced with a more useful masher or layering disc. The circular end can be used to muddle and mash fruit or used to layer drinks when pouring liquid down the spiralled stem.

beaumont bar spoons

The G&T Spoon

Designed specifically for Gin & Tonic’s (believe it or not!), the G&T Spoon is the perfect addition to the bar. Nothing stirs like a bar spoon, and quite often a typical bar spoon can look a little ridiculous stirring a Gin & Tonic – but of course a smooth stir is vital as if you are too rigorous with your gin it can end up tasting not so nice.

Mezclar Hudson Cocktail Spoon

The Mezclar range is for the most beautiful and most exclusive of our barware at Beaumont and within it with have a nice selection of bar spoons, such as the Hudson cocktail spoon below. The Hudson cocktail spoon is 450mm long (so longer than your more traditional bar spoons above), which allows the bartender a lot more control over the mixing and stirring of drinks. Furthermore the Hudson cocktail spoon has a flat edge at the opposite end to the spoon, which again is helpful for layering and two hand stirring. Available in the standard stainless steel or the above picture copper plated style, the Hudson cocktail spoon is a great addition to any bar.

beaumont bar spoons

Also available is the Collinson cocktail spoon, which is very similar to the Hudson with a more traditional end similar to standard cocktail spoon. This spoon is also available in the our highly coveted Antique Brass range:


Mezclar Cocktail Spoon with Fork

As the bar spoon has evolved, so has the bar industry as a whole. Within the industry there are a host of new ideas around serving, what to serve, and even a focus on using the most exotic of ingredients in drinks. Alongside these changes, so the need for a cocktail spoon with a fork has arisen.

beaumont bar spoons


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