Unsung Hero: The Round Non Slip Waiter Tray

The work of a non-slip waiter tray is vital but undoubtedly unsung. These humble, subtle-looking servants are constantly guarding against fallen drinks – saving on precious wastage, making your staff look great, and reducing clean-up time!

Some people pride themselves on the art of carrying a tray. Others see it as a way to get drinks from point A to point B. But whichever camp you are in, a high-quality tray is essential. Our non-slip trays have been designed with every industry concern in mind. Their rubber surfaces are designed to handle all glass types as well as searing hot plates. They’re also long-lasting, durable, and easy to clean.

Carrying your round non-slip tray

At Beaumont, we also design oval and rectangular non-slip trays, but today we’re going to focus on the classic round tray. There are some basic principles you should always apply when carrying a round tray. The first is that you should load the tray with heavy drinks first and put them in the middle of the tray. Unloading should be in reverse order so that the heavy drinks are the last ones off. The reason for this is that, when unloading a tray, you’re constantly having to adjust the balance and taking the heavy drinks off first could cause a dramatic shift which you might not be able to respond to quickly enough. Not as simple as it looks, eh?

11″ Round Black Non Slip Tray


Learn to carry a tray with one hand as soon as possible. The one-hand carry is preferred to a two-handed technique because, when you carry with two hands, the tray has to be placed on the table before drinks are handed out. One-handed is also far more elegant!

When the tray isn’t too heavy, it should be carried with an open palm under the middle of the tray with your fingertips, creating a slight cup with your hand and with the elbow angled at about 45 degrees. If it’s a heavy tray, you can switch to a flat palm and 90-degree carry.

Whatever your technique, get ahold of one of our non-slip trays and start serving with confidence!


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