Try Something Different: The Art of Japanese Bartending

Japanese bartending is fascinating. This mythologised art really is a spectacle. Whilst it requires patience and calmness, things which often go against the flair and extravagance of much European bartending, it’s accessible to all of us and might be something you want to incorporate into your own business or bartending repertoire.

Whilst these masters of precision and presentation do use some special equipment, Beaumont’s range has the necessary quality and style for you to start incorporating Japanese techniques in your own bar.

One of the main things that makes Japanese bartending stand out is the ice! They use a specialised ice machine that can create ice in a variety of shapes and sizes, like large cubes, spheres, and even diamonds! The ice is cut to perfectly fit the glass and they pay close attention to the temperature to ensure that it melts at just the right pace in each drink.

But worry not, if you can’t get hold of a machine you can use our silicone moulds or try out some carving with a sharp knife. You could also freeze ice in thin layers one-by-one, to create an elegant, high-end look.

Then there’s the jigger, the Japanese jigger has a long body and rim (just like Beaumont’s jiggers!) To ensure precise measurement and pour. They also use shakers with built-in strainers, like our DeLuxe Cocktail Shaker. Interestingly, they prefer to circulate the ice rather than shaking in a way that makes it hit the top and bottom of the shaker. Heavy crystal mixing glasses are used to enable a confident and undisturbed stir (try our Mezclar mixing glasses).

All of these technical matters are supported by a culture that values “omotenashi”. This is the idea of wholeheartedly looking after guests and creating a bar culture that centres around care. Every small detail really is looked after and, with Beaumont, you can begin to explore new ways to create an intricate and inviting customer experience.


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