Top Tips for Tiki Triumph

Tiki is more than just a fun theme for a night out. It’s a culture of exotic drinks and extravagant clothing and designs, created in post-Great Depression America to give Americans the escape they desperately needed. But it’s also a style of bartending.

Tiki nights provide a great way for people to relax and forget their troubles. They transport people to another place. So, if you’re thinking about putting on a tiki night, here are some top tips to get an authentic and immersive feel. And make sure to remind your guests to bring a Hawaiian shirt!

First, the venue. Unless you’re already a tiki bar, you’re going to need to do some decorating! The best tiki bars have low-lit, intimate spaces which are illuminated by soft, coloured lights. When someone enters your bar, they should feel like they’re in a tropical environment, surrounded by water features, bamboo, and decorations that feel something like a beach hut. If you can get tiki masks to adorn the walls, it really adds to the atmosphere.

Next, the drinks. It’s essential to have a wide selection of rums and to get creative when naming your cocktails. Cocktail names should have a sense of ridiculousness about them, evoking curiosity and sometimes fear. Such as Cobra’s Fang, Fog Cutter, and Painkiller. Rum, having the strong taste it does, should be complimented by citrus and sweet alcohols like curacao or maraschino or amoretti. Be sure to use tropical fruits like passion fruit, mango, or kiwi, and spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves.

Tiki Shaker Set

Lastly, when it comes to serving the drink, the shaker is, of course, the most eye-catching tool. The performance that comes with shaking and the sound of the shake is a big part of the atmosphere.

The more elaborate your garnish the better. Large chunks of fruit, tall leaves, and sprigs are great options.

And, of course, what would tiki be without a range of slightly out-there tiki mugs?


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