To Muddle, Or Not To Muddle—That Is The Question

Do you need a muddler? The short answer is yes – any self-respecting cocktail bar needs a muddler. Even if you have a small menu of tried and tested classics that you know you can repeat without the need to muddle any fresh ingredients, realistically you want to be able to cater to customers’ requests if they ask for something specific that requires one. Moreover, when seasonal classics are in vogue, or new creations become popular you want to be able to offer them without a second thought – so get your staff armed with muddlers and trained on how and when to use them…

That brings us to why we’re here – when to muddle and why to muddle – and we’re going to tackle both questions below… starting with the why…


Freshness is number one when it comes to muddling. There are brilliant syrups and other products out there that allow many people to avoid using any fresh ingredients at all, and many customers are probably satisfied with the results. However, if you’re looking to create a brand experience that says high-quality, creativity, care and attention, then using fresh ingredients muddled by hand in front of the customer is a great way to do it.


It seems an obvious point, but the muddler’s meat and drink are unlocking the flavour in your ingredients. If you use high-quality ingredients, muddled by hand you’re off to a great start toward producing phenomenal flavour combinations. Depending on what’s on the menu you might want to use your muddler in slightly different ways to extract the best flavour…

When Not To Use A Muddler

While the muddler is a versatile tool for unleashing flavour in a wide variety of drinks, it isn’t the only way to extract the best from your ingredients. You don’t want to end up with seeds, leaves or flesh in a drink when you shouldn’t have them – even if you are straining everything before serving. So, make sure you’re using the right tool – you may well need a squeezer or a grater instead…

Another thing to note is that muddling is not crushing… muddling is a gentle pressing and twisting, generally, for softer ingredients. A muddler is not a pestle and mortar that you may use to crush harder things. Having said this, you can use your muddler to crush ice if you have a Lewis bag to put the ice in.

The Mint Question…

A very decisive question amongst mixologists is whether to muddle mint. Many of the best-known cocktail gurus stand firmly against it as it is supposed to give the mint a bitter flavour if you treat it too harshly. Some say pressing the mint gently in hand is a better solution, but for the purposes of this article, we suggest that the best course of action is to muddle, but muddle with care – if you’re very gentle with the leaves you won’t get any bitterness through.

Essential For…

Of course, some of these depend on where you sit on the mint question, but you’ll need a muddler if you want to serve an Old-Fashioned, a Caipirinha… Mojitos, Margaritas, and Mint Juleps – among many others that call for fresh herbs and fruit. Our advice – do your research when taking on a new cocktail – get yourself a muddler and use it alongside high-quality fresh ingredients whenever called upon and as often as possible.

We stock a wide range of muddlers for every kind of establishment, to suit your aesthetic and brand experience…

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