Three reasons you need pourer caps in your bar…

Pourer caps, the best-kept secret in bartending. Or are they? According to this article, scientists have confirmed that male fruit flies go in search of alcohol when they have been unlucky in love with female fruit flies. So if you aren’t closing up the holes to your bottles with pourers in, then you are basically issuing an open invitation to every unlucky in love bar fly in the vicinity! And with summer upon us, this is the height of fruit fly season. Thankfully, Beaumont pourer caps solve this problem in a quick, easy and hygienic way.

Our ergonomically designed pourer caps are bowed in the middle creating a natural divot for your fingers allowing you to pinch the pourer cap off, making them easy to handle and remove from a bottle top (particularly if your hands are wet, which for bartenders is quite often!). However, there is more to Beaumont’s pourer caps than their ergonomic design, here are three reasons why pourer caps are a good idea:


1.Fruit flies

You wouldn’t leave the door to the bar open all night after you close up, allowing any old reveller to stumble in and drink up the place – so why do it with your bottles? The fruit fly can be a year-long visitor in some establishments, attracted to the sweet taste of dried food and drink. It has even been proven by scientists that fruit flies that have been unlucky in love will actively seek out alcohol. The spout to a pourer is like a tunnel to the promised land to a love-stricken fruit fly so do your bottom line and your customers a favour and cap those bottles.


2. Evaporation

This is more applicable to those of you who operate outside bars, perhaps in the warmer months or abroad (or those of you who have your bottles very close to ceiling spotlights). Fruit flies will certainly be paying you a visit, but something else you have to be aware of as well is the sun/heat stealing your booze! If your bottles heat up in the sun the liquid will look for somewhere to escape – you open pour spout will act like a chimney given enough time and heat, tunnelling out that sweet alcoholic vapour.


3. Value and hygiene

Almost every bar will stick to some form of hygiene standards with their bottles and pourers. Either removing every pourer every night and cleaning them or using cling film to cover the pour spouts when not in use. Are easily washable plastic pourer caps are very easy to clean and therefore highly hygienic. In the long run, you will also save yourself money versus using cling film. Taken care of properly your pourer spouts should last a long time – during which you will have had to spend no money on rolls of cling film. Not to mention that cling film on your bottles behind a bar can look tacky and unprofessional.


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