Thimble Measures: Precision Designed for Precision Pouring

When it comes to crafting the perfect cocktail, precision is key. The right balance of ingredients can make or break a drink, and that’s where tools like thimble measures and jiggers come into play. In the world of mixology, these small but essential tools are used to ensure accuracy in pouring spirits and liquids. You’ve probably heard that they’re basically the same thing, but both thimble measures and jiggers have their own unique place in the world of bartending.

Thimble measures have been a staple in bars and restaurants for decades. Beaumont’s thimble measures are made from stainless steel and come in various sizes, ranging from 25ml to 250ml.


Thimble measures offer simplicity, durability, and consistency. Their clear markings ensure accurate liquid pours, guaranteeing consistency in drink recipes. On the other hand, jiggers provide versatility, especially for quick pours. Jiggers come in diverse styles, allowing bartenders to showcase their unique flair and enhance their bartending performance, but there’s no match for the thimble measure in terms of reliability.


For cocktails with multiple ingredients and precise measurements, jiggers are often the preferred choice, but thimble measures work well for simpler drinks. If you’re choosing between precision and speed in a particular pour, jiggers are usually faster for experienced bartenders whereas thimble measures provide consistent accuracy.

But beyond this, thimble measures are also essential for conforming to the Weights & Measures Act (1985). When pouring gin, rum, whisky, or vodka, a government-stamped thimble measure or spirit measure is legally required. Jiggers can be used when making drinks with two or more spirits. Thimble measures are, of course, also the preferred method for measuring out wine serves, unless your glasses are marked with lines.

The thimble measure might be seen as the slightly less fun cousin of the jigger, but it’s no less important. Whilst jiggers are used for flair and style, thimble measures have an understated class of their own. Most importantly, they ensure that your guests will enjoy expertly crafted and perfectly balanced drinks every time.


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