The Slim Bin 65 Litre

The humble bin never takes the limelight. Unlike the beautiful copper barware on the front bar, or the glinting brass glass hangers on the ceiling, the slim bin doesn’t draw the eye – or excite the soul. Nevertheless the humble bin is probably one of the most important tools in any restaurant, cafe, bar, or pub. In fact, in some of the busiest bars the bin is just as integral as the cocktail shaker or the spirit measure.

With a lack of bins behind the bar, service can grind to a halt – especially if you are serving a large number of bottled drinks, be they bottles of wine, soft drinks, beer or cider. If there is no where to deposit the empty bottles then the front bar soon starts filling up with the revellers empties. With too little bins behind the bar, you will find your bar staff having to leave their station more regularly as they rush out the back to empty the bottle bin with an almighty crash! Less staff available during busy periods can cause all sorts of problems with ol’ Gary after a drink or two.

I think it is fair to say then that bins are far from rubbish. Underappreciated like the trees and plants that keep us all breathing, without a bin or two who knows where all those empty bottles, broken glasses and use lemon wedges will go. In our own nod to bins everywhere, we have recently added a new bin to our all star lineup. The Slim Bin 65.

Our slim bin range are designed to be wide at the top (allowing for a larger space to get your rubbish into the bin) and slimmer at the bottom, which allows multiple slim bins to stack up quite nicely after that all important clean down. Until recently we only had one ‘big-momma’ of a bin, the 87 litre slim bin. Now we are happy to introduce the slightly slimmer cousin, the 65 litre slim bin.

A problem with a larger bin is of course that it holds more waste – and when that waste is glass bottles as it most commonly is in this industry, 87 litres of glass bottles can be quite heavy! The 65 litre slim bin offers a more manageable size, although of course it would have to be emptied more often than the 87 litre slim bin. Choice is king, so depending on your preference or need you can now choose between the Slim Bin 65 and the Slim Bin 87 litre. Or why not just have both? Choice might be king, but who needs to choose when you have everything?

Follow the link to discuss the new Slim Bin 65 litre with your local Beaumont TM representative or visit our local distributor page to find your nearest Beaumont TM stockist.

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