The Simple Soda Syphon

The soda syphon is an underused and underappreciated gem in the world of bartending, and it’s not just something fancy to have on the shelf! With Beaumont’s sleek design, you’re going to want to show it off. It also opens up possibilities for an exciting and unique service that could make your bar stand out from the rest.

Soda syphon

You’ll know soda syphons for their ability to carbonate water using CO2 chargers. All it takes is a short shake to dissolve the gas into the water, followed by resting the water for a matter of minutes. Making your own soda water may be a quirky and cost-effective way to avoid waste and save money and storage space, but the labour and wait times may not be suitable for service during busier periods of the day, so it’s not for everyone.

Not only can you carbonate water, but if you’re feeling daring, you could even get creative and carbonate wine to make your own sparkling wine! They’re also great at infusing liquids. Unlike infusing in natural conditions, infusions with N2O can take minutes, not weeks! You could even infuse pieces of fruit by placing them in the container with your chosen liquid, for show-stopping garnishes.

The soda syphon can be used in lots of fun and creative ways, allowing mixologists to experiment with unique flavours and different intensities and textures. The syphon allows for quick creations which can speed up the creative process and give you, and your menu, endless possibilities!


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