The Ninja Strainer

As far as cocktail strainers go you will be hard-pressed to find one that looks cooler and more unique than our ninja strainer. If being unique or different is something that you pride your bar setup on, then this could be the strainer for you. And just because the ninja strainer is unique in style and design, this doesn’t mean it lacks in utility. In fact, this strainer has a couple of tricks up its sleeve that you would find hard to pull off with your more traditional cocktail strainers such as our professional strainer.

We spend a lot of time talking to bartenders, not just in the UK but all over the world. We were often hearing that bartenders were looking for a new style of strainer, something radically different in shape and design. This is a hard ask, after all the strainer is circular for a reason – to match the glass or cocktail tin in which it is being used to strain the contents. As a result, we didn’t completely forget the rules of the strainers that came before; maintaining the circular spring, and instead putting our focus on the style and shape of the head plate.

Although the strainer isn’t made in Japan, Japanese inspired, or silent and donned in black, we decided to call it the Ninja Strainer due to its shape and likeness to a ninja star – the legendary throwing weapons of Japanese ninjas. This, however, is not an excuse to start chucking this strainer around. Although we have rounded off those corners, this strainer will still fly pretty well and could cause some serious harm, so let’s be careful out there…

Unless of course, you are a flair bartender, in which case chucking barware around is your speciality. Flair bartenders and craft flair bartenders alike should really like this strainer, not least because it is something new and different. The large hole is wide enough to accommodate the end of a bar spoon and as we said, aerodynamically the ninja strainer moves through the air quite predictably – so if you are looking for a piece of barware to build some cool new tricks out of, this strainer is the one you want.

With a fine spring and an easy to handle design, the ninja strainer allows for quick and effortless straining. The spring detaches as with all of our other strainers, allowing for a quick and efficient dry shake or easy cleaning. Made from typical Beaumont TM high-grade stainless steel, this strainer will hold up under taxing conditions and last a good amount of time.

Now all is left to do is to try it out. You can pop into our showroom if you are near our HQ in Flitwick – although we don’t have any sort of throwing range setup! If you put together any cool videos of you doing moves with the ninja strainer, make sure to #NinjaStrainer or tag Beaumont_Barware and we will make sure to give it a share!

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