The newest members to our family, the Mini Mule Jiggers

We are not sure how these mini mules came into being, all we know is we recently moved our Moscow Mule mugs next to each other on the warehouse shelves and came in one morning to find these cute little mini-versions rolling around. Albeit they didn’t roll very far, what with the handles and all.

There are not many things better in this world than miniature versions of your favourite things – who doesn’t love the miniature towns and cities in Legoland or the baby versions of your essential cosmetics in the airport shops? Everything is better in miniature! Well almost everything…

All jokes aside, you will notice that each of our new Mini Mule jiggers is an exact replica of their larger counterparts the Mezclar straight sided Moscow Mule mug and the Mezclar curved Moscow Mule mug with brass handle. This makes for a quite unique and excellent display on your front bar. Further to this, each of the Mini Mules has been constructed to the same high standards. This means high quality copper plating, a stainless steel interior and craftsmanship level welding to tie it all together.

In the same vein as our new Grail jigger, these stunning little jiggers have been designed with more than just utility in mind. Uniqueness and aesthetics are just as important and continue to act as a great marketing tool for bars and pubs across the country. Each of the Mini Mules has been created as a 60 ml jigger with laser etched interior markings at 10 ml, 25 ml, 35 ml and 50 ml. The shape and style of the jigger also makes it very easy to use – how many jiggers do you know of with their own handle!?

We are excited to see what the flair bartending community can do with the Mini Mules too. The handle makes for an interesting new element on a jigger, it gives the bartender something to hook on to. We are already imagining a new move or two where the introduction of a bar spoon could prove interesting. Flair bartenders, we leave the rest to you! If you don’t want to use the Mini Mule as a jigger you don’t have to, in fact you a few of these could double up as cool, industrial-era shot glasses…


Follow the link to discuss the new Mini Mule jiggers with your local Beaumont TM representative or visit our local distributor page to find your nearest Beaumont TM stockist.

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