The new price list has landed

So our new price list has officially landed! Hurray! Many of you as current customers will be getting yours in the post, or perhaps you have popped by to see us at the HRC Show this week where, no doubt, you left with one clutched in your hands. If you are new to Beaumont and you want to get a feel for everything we do then the Price List is the place to start. If you haven’t already got a copy or you would like an electronic copy, then you can get it here.


What to expect

Beaumont TM 2020 Price List

New price list means, of course, new products. Although it isn’t all about the new products. There is lots more to discover in the price list that you may not have known about before. If you like to keep up to date with our blog, then chances are, you may have heard about some of this before – or not – there is only one way to find out…


Custom branding

On page 5 you can get a taste of our custom branding. Almost every Beaumont product can be customised and marked with your brand and logo. That means you can get the world’s best pourer (the TD 105-30) with your company logo on! And it doesn’t stop there, you can also get our famous spirit measures (optics) branded too, as well as cocktail shakers, or even your own version of the home cocktail kit.


A range of products developed with industry-leading bartenders

We like to think we know a thing or two about barware having been in the business 40 years, however, you cannot beat the experience of a seasoned pro. Someone who uses these products day-in-day-out and has done for years. This is why we have collaborated with professional bartender Tom Dyer and Gorkem Harp to bring you products designed by bartenders, for bartenders. We have already mentioned the industry-leading TD 105-30 pourer, but then there is also the Tom Dyer Tiki Cocktail Tin, the Grail jigger and the brand new Gorky Strainer!


That new, new

I know with a subtitle like that you might think this was written by a millennial or something… This, of course, refers to all the new products you can find scattered throughout the price list like hidden gems. Albeit they aren’t that well hidden as they have the words NEW next to them in bold white lettering. One such item is the new dropper bottle, the perfect accompaniment for cocktail bars across the country. Adding a dash of vibrant colour or a drop of something rare and tasty is very fashionable in the world of cocktails right now, and this little tool allows for the control and delicateness required.

There is lots more to discover in the new price list, so all that is left to do is to get browsing! You can get yourself an electronic copy here, or if you would like us to send out a physical copy then give us a call on 01525 722500 or email

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