The Mezclar Range: Mixing Has Never Been So Beautiful

Handpicked for quality, style, sophistication and elegance, our Mezclar Cocktail Range provides a full complement of cocktail barware tied together by premium quality.

Created for top mixologists, Mezclar is a Spanish word literally meaning “mix”. If you want your barware to exude excitement, then the Mezclar range is perfect for you – adding a magical sense of theatre to every movement, bringing a mystique to the room that sparks an atmosphere into life.

All high-end pieces, Mezclar has expanded to include everything from Jiggers to Shakers to Jugs, Bitters Bottles, Mugs and beyond…

Make sure you check out the full range, but here we take the Spanish translation very literally and shine a light on the “mixing” elements of the Mezclar range – the two parts that mean mixing is always a delight and never a chore!

Mixing Glasses

Always a classy addition to any establishment, mixing glasses are ideal for cocktails that require ice chilling or dilution.

Our Mezclar mixing glasses are all made of thick, quality glass and have easy-to-use pouring lips. A cut-glass finish provides a vintage look that is simply stunning…

Explore Mixing Glasses.


Cocktail Spoons

Once the most humble of objects, the spoon has truly reached its peak in the Mezclar range. In many ways synonymous with the act of mixing itself, a well-designed spoon, with length and elegance, gives you ultimate control to gracefully conduct your creations with a wave of your hand.

Each of these three options is available in both stainless steel and copper-plated…

Explore Cocktail Spoons.

Explore the full Mezclar Range

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