The Gorky Strainer

We have been itching for months to tell you about all our new products and now the new price list has landed, we finally can. Hurrah! As you will have seen from our blogs and posts over the past few weeks, there is a lot to come. For those of you who popped down to see us at the HRC Show last week, you will have seen many of our new bits; thank you for stopping in and we hope you enjoyed your free cocktail!

The first new product we are covering is a collaboration between ourselves and a leading professional bartender, Goerkem Harp. A cocktail specialist and flair bartender, Goerkem is a well-known name on the global bartending scene and now for a new reason, this effortlessly cool and new-take on a cocktail strainer we have dubbed – The Gorky Strainer.

As you will know from our collaborations with the number 1 UK flair bartender, Tom Dyer, we are no stranger to working with creative bartenders to help them realise their vision and bring something new that the industry is crying out for. For many years there was no strong, reliable and professionally made pourer and so came the TD 105-30. A similar rule applies with the Gorky Strainer. Strainers have been around for over a hundred years, originally designed as a drinking aid (the julep strainer) rather than a cocktail making tool. And although strainers are now commonplace in bars around the world, when it comes to the double strainer we haven’t really progressed. Until now.

The double strainer is, of course, the second strainer used to double strain a drink. The first strainer usually sits in, or just on top of, the cocktail tin to allow the liquid to come out whilst keep large pieces of ice, etc within the tin. Certain cocktails, such as those that use small pieces of fruit, or that require not even a shard of ice, will pour from the first strainer into a second strainer (this acts as a sieve to catch any small fragments). This is how the best bartenders get perfectly smooth cocktails – such as the classic martini.

A common problem with the standard style of sieve strainer is that the bowl that the liquid is poured into before it filters through the mesh, isn’t very large. With the added layer of stainless steel wrapping around the circumference of the Gorky Strainer, this problem becomes a thing of the past. This extra space gives the strainer the extra capacity it needs in order to allow the bartender to continue their pour. This, of course, means a beautiful and stylish uninterrupted pour for the bartender and time saved. Over the course of an evening of busy service, every second counts. Efficiency is the key to a good, timely and profitable service and behind every efficient bartender is a wealth of skill and well-designed bar tools.

At 75 grams it is surprisingly light for a larger strainer but with enough weight to it to make it very fun to flair with. The handle design also allows for some fun working flair possibilities, and the notch on the opposite side to the handle acts as a great finger rest to steady the strainer in an elegantly stylish manner. Constructed from strong stainless steel, the Gorky Strainer will hold up under the rigours of busy service as well as allowing for super easy cleaning and polishing.

Feel free to stop into our showroom at Beaumont HQ anytime if you want to get your hands on one, or alternatively, you can locate your nearest Beaumont supplier here.

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