The Flair Camp Flair Bottle

The 750ml Beaumont TM flair bottle has been developed in conjunction with some of the world’s best flair bartenders is one of the only bottles to be endorsed by some of the world’s best flair bartenders. As Tom Dyer will tell you, behind every good flair bartender is hours and hours of hard work and practice. To get noticed in an industry that is growing day by day isn’t easy and requires a fair amount of creativity and originality.

Bar schools across the world are attracting a whole new generation of bartenders who want to add an element of flair bartending to their service, the World Flair Association has the WFA Gradings training course up and running and with it, we are starting to see more and more flair bartenders in bars and drinking establishments across the country.  There are real benefits of having skilled flair bartenders working behind the bar. Proven to be a great differentiator in an industry that can sometimes lack points of difference and originality, flair bartenders are providing both efficient and professional service as well as an element of entertainment for guests.

Flair bartenders aren’t born overnight, however. In the end, it comes back to practice, practice, practice and this is where the Beaumont TM Flair Bottle is the perfect assistant. Our flair bottle has been designed from the ground up to simulate an empty glass bottle – weighted in exactly the same way to ensure good balance. You can then, of course, add liquid to your flair bottle if you require, in order to simulate a half-full or almost full bottle.

Constructed from strong, shatterproof plastic, the Beaumont TM flair bottle will hold up under intense practice and should last through many training sessions, ensuring you can nail that new move ready for when you step up on stage and start using the real thing.

To celebrate our Flair Bottle in 2020 we are sponsoring the world’s biggest Flair Bartending training and networking event, Flair Camp! Each of the Flair Camp participants will be receiving a Beaumont TM goody bag, including the much talked about Flair Bottle. From London to Bali, Paris to Cape Town, there are Flair Camp events happening all around the world this year! Find out more about the next event and buy your ticket here:


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