The best table leveller available, the sTABLElizer

As someone who works in, or owns a restaurant, pub, or cafe, wobbly tables can be the bane of your life. What is the answer to these wobbly tables I hear you ask? A table leveller of course! Before these amazing table levellers existed, we have all been down the bodge job route. You may solve the wobble in the short term by wedging a few napkins, business cards, or an old folded menu under one of the feet, however, soon after you will notice that the bodge has worked its way out from under the leg and so down you must get to bodge again.

Wobbly tables are more of a problem in the hospitality industry than you might initially think! Especially in our beautifully aged United Kingdom where we love to repurpose an old building as an eatery, despite its uneven floors. The sTABLElizer isn’t just a smart name it is also a very smart, yet wonderfully simple product and the king of table levellers.

table leveller

The small plastic wedges are designed to fit under table legs and be flexible enough to be compressed by the weight of the table, ensuring that the wedge goes nowhere and the table is satisfyingly level. The worst thing you can do with an uneven table is to leave it like that, your customers will feel the need to fix it themselves (as nobody wants to sit at a perilously wobbly table) and we can assure you that is not the experience you want to be giving your customers – unless your restaurant is some sort of new, edgy DIY concept eatery.

The sTABLElizer wobble wedge can also be stacked if need be, just in case one wedge isn’t enough. Although flexible, the plastic is strong and will hold up over time and even under the heaviest of tables. The little grooves in the wedge work to grip any surface and keep your table level and in place – hopefully limiting any drink spills caused by an unexpected wobble.

table leveller

Packaged in a small tub, each sTABLElizer pack contains 25 different PVC tabs. In fact, the sTABLElizer does the job so well that you will probably forget that some of your tables are being stabilised at all after a little while.


Discover the best table leveller available, get your tub of sTABLElizers from the team today.

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