The Art of Pouring

When is pouring not just pouring? When it’s done by a skilled barperson, using the Beaumont range of impeccably designed pourers. Only experienced bar staff will understand what we mean when we call pouring an “art”, and that’s why all our pourers are designed with the input of bartenders, with bartenders in mind every step of the way…

You will, of course, want a range of pourers available to you for different uses, and which ones you choose will depend on what drinks you serve, how busy your services are, and the kind of aesthetic you are going for. Our extensive range can cater to every drink in the book, as well as for speed, volume, and looks that’ll wow…


Our Aquaflow pourers come in a range of sizes. They are classic, measured pourers that refill time after time without the need to tip the bottle back. They also offer a classic aesthetic, perhaps less flashy than some of the options available, but with a familiar, modest look that may suit your bar or pub down to the ground.

Freeflow / Medium Flow / Fast Flow 

Fastflow Pourer Stainless Steel

If you need to pour rapidly and have a high level of skill to measure accurately even when the pourer is difficult to control, you can opt for a fast flow pourer.

Copper Medium Flow Pourer

For a little more control, we recommend choosing a medium flow pourer.

Short Plastic/Chrome Freeflow Pourer

Our free flow pourers are also available short, allowing closer control as you don’t have to rotate the bottle all the way round in order to pour. Can be more practical for tighter, busier bars.

Quick Shot

The Quick Shot range dispenses like a free flow but gives a controlled measure – designed for serving large numbers of shots quickly! With their flashy bright colours, they’re perfect for nightclubs.

Sure Shot

Take your pick between the Quick Shot and the Sure Shot, both offer reliable, fast shot pouring. If you can’t decide follow your eyes and pick what will look best in your bar!

TD105-30 Freeflow Medium Pourer Chrome

We’ve certainly saved the best for last. The pièce de résistance of the Beaumont pouring range, with this very special item legendary Flair bartender Tom Dyer designed what has proven to be the most consistent, accurate and durable pour spout on the market. Used in the top bar schools, and the most well-known bars around the world, it proves that when the best bartenders are involved at every stage, the end product is well worth it. The undisputed king of pourers.

We have even more great options for all your pouring needs. Check out the full pouring range from Beaumont. 

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