The TD105-30 MK II

Many of you will have heard of our best selling TD105-30 pourer, since we decided to make our own pourer a good few years ago now; the TD105-30 has gone on to be our best selling pourer of all time. Designed for those who want attention to detail and high quality from their pourers, the TD105-30 is designed in conjunction with one of the UK’s most decorated bartenders – Tom Dyer.

The TD105-30 pourer is now sold in over 32 countries, employed in some of the best bars in the world and used in 100’s of bar schools. Winning countless competitions and a career that involves working with big players in the drinks industry such as Diageo and Red Bull, Tom Dyer worked in partnership with the design team at Beaumont TM to create the TD 105-30 – the pourer designed for bartenders by bartenders.

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We have recently made some updates to the much loved TD105-30 making sure not to mess with the formula but at the same time ensuring the TD105-30 remains the first choice for serious bartenders. We have increased the level of chrome applied to the metal part of the pourer giving the TD105-30 even more durability, which of course means it lasts much longer and will go through thousands of uses and hundreds of washes before any rust becomes present.

We have also looked at the rubber cork, another favourite area of the original TD105-30 according to our feedback from bartenders. We have chosen a slightly different rubber compound that amazingly increases flexibility on the last compound used but also remains incredibly ply and firm, ensuring that your pourer never decides to go for the great escape whilst you are pouring! The extra flexibility ensures that your pourer will go into and out of bottles with ease.


Unchanged areas of the TD105-30 include the overall structure of the pourer that was designed from top to bottom to give the user a smooth and consistent pour. This involves balancing the air intake of the pourer just right, there is more science behind it than you might think!

Additionally we have thought about how the metal part of the pourer connects to the rubber cork or seal. Another common problem with pourers can be when they are removed from bottles you end up with the metal part of the pourer in your hand and the rubber cork still in the neck of the bottle! As you may well know this results in having to find something to lever the cork out, which isn’t easy and from the stories we have heard from bartenders can result in damage to the rubber cork and therefore the seal, or even injury to the bartender!

A damaged seal

A damaged rubber cork often creates a problem with the seal. On some pourers the washing of the pourers or the use over time will actually erode the cork seal, sometimes it will be that the cork has got stuck in the bottle and someone has tried to lever it out and damaged it – either way, a damaged rubber cork leads to poor seal and a result, leakage. The leaking of pourers can be a bar owners worst nightmare as over time and across many bottles the wasted alcohol can really add up.

We have solved this problem with the TD105-30, it should not leak unless of course someone has poked a hole in the rubber cork, although this in itself isn’t easy. Take a look at our very own Nick De Borde demonstrating a typical pourer leak you see time and again behind bars:

Although Nick did get a little carried away…


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