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Potentially the most popular measured pourer across the pond, the Sure Shot Pourer from Precision Pour Inc is a mechanical work of art. Using a complex yet intelligent system of ball bearings, surgical grade plastic and more, the Precision Pour provides the pourer with a perfectly measured pour each and every time – depending on the size of you go for. The Sure Shot comes in a range of colours and sizes including 25ml, 35ml, and 50ml – however, these are not government stamped in the UK and therefore (strictly) would still legally need to be used in conjunction with a government stamped spirit measure for whisky, gin, vodka, and rum. However it would mean no over or under-pouring and that’s a plus for everyone.

What is fantastic about the Sure Shot and its 3-ball bearing design is that it will dispense just like any other pourer with a steady and accurate stream – however, it will only ever dispense the amount of liquid stated on that particular Sure Shot Pourer. For example, if it is a 50ml Sure Shot then it will only ever dispense 50ml when turned upside down, a bit like a cross between a speed pourer and a bar measure.

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Manufactured in the USA, where this pourer is incredibly popular, you always need to have a keen eye for replicas. There are a lot of cheaper replicas around, which will use a different number of ball bearings and a lower quality of materials – as a result the longevity of the product will not be the same, and the pour may not be as accurate as it is supposed to be, for example dispensing 55ml every time you think you are pouring 50ml; this could lead to quite an increase in wastage costs to your business over time. The design of these pourers is quite complicated and very intelligent, as a result they are hard for less skilled manufacturers to replicate – although this doesn’t stop them!

The Sure Shot is very durable and will last throughout many uses – ensuring that each individual pour provides fantastic value for money and precision. Fantastic for trainee bartenders, these pourers are super easy to use and as previously stated will only ever dispense  the exact amount written on the pourer so you no longer have to worry about wastage caused by over-pouring or dissatisfied customers caused by under-pouring.

Instructions For Use:

  • Prime the pourer by holding a finger over the spout and quickly turning the bottle over.
  • Prime pourer before the first use and after each cleaning.  If the pourers are not primed, the shot may not be measured accurately.
  • When pouring, turn the bottle in a smooth motion to a 45-60 degree angle.  Shot pourers are designed to pour fast.

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