Outside Events: Storing, transporting, and cleaning glasses with ease

If you deal with a lot of glasses, then this could be one of our most useful products for you, unless you are an optician… If on the other hand, you are an event planner or run a restaurant, pub, or bar, this could be just what you need. Although we seem to be coming out of the worst of the ‘lockdown’, outside events will still remain king, particularly during the summer months. It will take time for some people to feel comfortable being close to others in indoor spaces, and so outdoor events will likely still attract the most revellers. This top tool will help you adapt your offering to ensure you can still offer the best service regardless of whether you are doing it from a temporary outside bar or elsewhere.


Available in 4 different sizes, each one of our glass storage boxes will stack on top of each other. They are all the same width and length, with one of the boxes varying in height. As a result, one lid fits all – which can come in handy if you happen to misplace a lid or two. Naturally, we can provide replacement lids separately too so not to worry if a lid goes missing. Our shortest box comes in at 165mm tall with the rest being 200mm tall. Depending on what type of glass you are storing our carefully designed glass boxes will keep them safe, clean and dry.

Easy to transport & easy to clean

As all of our boxes are stackable, strong and rigid, this makes them very easy to move. We designed them this way with events professionals in mind who may need to move a large number of glasses between locations depending on where their next event is. As the boxes and inserts are also made of rigid plastic, with straight lines, this means they are also very easy to clean out if you need to transport used and dirty glasses. Our inbuilt handles are particularly useful too. The sturdiness of the material used to make our glass storage boxes also means you can store them inside or outside without any worries – wet or dry, hot or cold.

Bespoke designs

Each box has been designed with a specific type of glass in mind. The 3900 is perfect for 10oz high ball glasses holding 24 of those beauties, whereas the 3901 will hold 15 of your finest pint glasses. The 3902 excels with slim jim or wine glasses, easily transporting 24. Finally, the 3903 will hold a massive 35 champagne flutes. We can think of a few wedding event providers or hotels that this particular box could prove useful for.

The hygienic deep clean option

As anyone who has worked in a bar or pub will tell you the weekly deep clean is a necessary and arduous process. One of the most time-consuming parts of the process can be moving the glasses out of there normal living spaces on the shelf to another clean and sterile environment – so you can ultimately clean down the glass shelf. With a few of these boxes to hand, you quickly and efficiently remove the glasses from the shelf, insert them cleanly and safely in one of the glass storage boxes and simply stack the boxes on the floor, back bar, or front bar as you clean down the shelf. No walking to and throw, precariously carrying as many glasses as you can, with the glass storage boxes this process is made quick and easy.

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