Squeeze, Twist, Grate and Wedge Your Way to a Gorgeous Garnish Every Time.

Any good cocktail bar owner knows that consuming a drink is about more than just the taste. A subtly pleasing or more ostentatious garnish (depending on the drink and your particular bar) is vital to complete the experience. And now more than ever we drink with our eyes (and through our Instagram feeds) before a drop has ever passed our lips. The right garnish also plays a role in the overall flavour of whatever drink you are serving, and now with the explosion of premium gins and tonics, even local pubs are expected to offer an array of garnishes to suit different flavours and serves. Gone are the days when the only question worth asking was “ice and a slice?”, and there are no signs of this changing, with more and more elaborate and idiosyncratic garnishes being called for by distillers, mixer brands and mixologists all the time.

If you have a gin or a cocktail of the week it’s simple enough to order in whatever garnish you need – but to be fully prepared long-term, you need the right tools to turn your raw materials into beautifully finished garnishes every time. That’s where our range of accessories comes in… to keep you creating perfect garnishes quickly and practically, helping you on your way to effortless garnish perfection…

Zester and Canale Cutter


Apart from being a great tool for adding flavoursome zest to your creations, this easy-to-grip implement is perfect for crafting sophisticated citrus peel twists for an array of cocktails like Martinis, Manhattans and more…

A classic Manhattan with an orange twist.


Nutmeg & Spice Grater

A small handheld grater for those extra-fine shavings. Grated Nutmeg is called for in a range of cocktails including the classic Brandy Alexander, but this little grater is great to have on hand for any garnish that needs grating.


Lemon & Lime Wedger


A must-have for any bar or pub expecting to serve in volume, your staff will thank you when prepping for service as our wedger cuts quickly and perfectly – allowing you to cut 8 wedges at once. It’s also easy to clean and very robust.


Bartenders Knife & Chopping Board

If you prefer to do it the old fashioned way, our knives and chopping boards are high quality, long-lasting and easy to clean. Even if you are prepping a large number of wedges with a wedger pre-service, you’re likely to need a knife and board to cut different garnishes that you use in smaller proportions.


Garnish Tweezers

It’s never a good look to be fumbling around with your fingers trying to get a garnish in place. Apart from being unhygienic, it’s better to preserve that sense of artistry when you’re crafting the customer’s drink before their eyes – and the exactitude and finesse of a pair of tweezers does that brilliantly.


Mexican Elbow Lemon/Lime Squeezer

Fresh juices are often called for in cocktails, and increasingly gin and tonic drinkers request a squeeze of their slice before it’s used as a garnish. Once again, it’s not acceptable to meet this request by squeezing your fresh citrus fruit bare-handed, and you need to have a squeezer on hand to keep things clean and professional.
Our squeezers are sleek and pleasing to the eye. See our heavy-duty squeezer to take durability to another level!


Picks and Parasols

We also have an array of garnish picks, some of them pretty far out and perfect for seasonal drinks or themed nights, others subtle, classy and good for all year round!


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