Specialist ice without the specialist price…

The ice used in bars is increasingly coming in more Interesting and different shapes, some of these bars will even order in or purchase this ice  – such as ice balls and ice stars, ice shot glasses, etc. Having looked into how much it costs to order in interestingly shaped frozen water, we can see why more bars don’t do it! After all, nearly every bar has access to water and a freezer…

And those two tools are all you need, alongside our specialist ice moulds, to make cool ice balls and novelty ice shots. The type and shape of the ice you serve all works into the marketing of your bar, pub, club or restaurant. If it is interesting enough customers will take photos for social media, or videos of their friends doing ice shots at the bar – whatever it is, if its amusing or interesting enough it will go viral, which of course means lots of free advertising. And what isn’t remarkable about ice shots!?

We refer to the ice shots as novelty as you cannot realistically use the ice shots as shot glasses multiple times.

Ice balls on the other hand are great as a statement in a drink that is typically served on the rocks, such as whisky. Ice balls melt in a different way to ice cubes, due to the shape and mass of the ice they melt a lot slower. We have even seen one bar that dyed the ice ball yellow and used it as a centrepiece for a new Wimbledon cocktail – the ice ball obviously looking like a tennis ball. You are limited only by your imagination in terms of how you would use the ice balls or ice shots. Too much heat and time can be limiting factors too for ice – although you probably know about those ones.

The ice ball mould is made from clear food-grade silicone, with each mould having the capacity to make 6 different ice balls. The ice shot mould, also made from food-grade silicone, has capacity for 4 shots. You can have a look at both moulds in more detail, as well as our standard ice cube moulds, here.

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