Small & Perfectly Formed… The Piccolo Cocktail Shaker from Beaumont

Different cocktail bars have totally different styles, that goes without saying. Even then, peel back another layer and every bartender has his or her individual way of doing things. We all know a bartender that lets the whole place know when they’re making something special, wheeling around and shaking with a flourish and a vigour that’s unmistakably unique to their character. Then there are those bartenders that operate in quiet brilliance, with no wasted movement, producing cocktail magic with exactitude before your very eyes.

In the same way, some cocktails themselves have a unique character. Some are about big bold flavours and in-your-face aesthetics, and it’s always good to have barware that matches what you’re serving – so variety is key – but cocktails are also about refinement, and the purification of flavour into a form which is as close to perfection as you can imagine! That’s where the Piccolo Shaker from Beaumont represents cocktail culture to a tee.

Understated, graceful and undeniably classic, this little shaker is absolutely stunning. Piccolo literally translates from Italian as “small”, but you’re badly mistaken if you think that means lesser in any way. Like its namesake from the world of woodwind instruments, the Piccolo Shaker may not be the front man, smashing up their guitar to grab some attention, but when a Piccolo solo comes in soft and rises to a crescendo, there’s not a soul in the house that’s not hanging onto every single note!

Sometimes not trying too hard to grab attention and just going about your business with quiet poise and splendour will leave the greatest and longest lasting impression – and that’s exactly what the Piccolo will do on your front or back bar!

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