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We all know that the best venues get the important things right. Attentive service, great music and creative presentation all contribute to the perfect hospitality experience. One vital, yet often overlooked piece of this jigsaw is signage.

Whether guests need to be updated about new Covid-safe policies, ordering procedures or simply the wonderful food and drink on offer, information display plays a key role in the smooth running of a venue.

At Beaumont we have solutions for all scenarios: outdoor, indoor, bar and table display.

Our A-boards are made here in the UK and a workhorse of the outdoor display world.

Whether you are looking for a metal finish or an oak frame we stock a range to cover all settings. Our reversible boards provide four usable faces meaning that updating changes between a lunch and evening menu has never been easier!

And, as we know, a well presented A-Board really can draw in passing trade – so unleash that creative member of staff loose with a chalk pen and enjoy the benefits of increased footfall!

Don’t forget that Beaumont are the original ‘Design a Sign’ manufacturer of pegboards. A creative way to disseminate information or advertise, the peg board has become a firm favourite for venues looking to stand out from the crowd.

Our range of retro peg boards are also manufactured here in the UK. Available in four different sizes they can be used as a centre piece behind a bar or for something smaller. Alongside the boards we also sell the packs of pegs in three different sizes (1/2″, 3/4″ & 1 1/4″) and three different colours (red, white & yellow).

Did you know? You get almost 3 times more pegs in our packs than you will do from the nearest competitor – 660 characters to be exact!


And finally, for the tabletop, you have the choice of a perspex menu holder, handheld blackboard or easel.

Our perspex menu holders tick both the hygiene and value box. Easy to update with new artwork and even easier to clean between sittings we offer A4 and A5 sizes (angled and vertical) as well as a tent menu holder.

Our hand held menu blackboards also come in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes. From a small A5 size to a larger A3 they are ideal for use on table and bar-tops and easily cleaned and updated.

Our tabletop easel has a mahogany finish, is available in A4 and A5 sizes and is the ideal way to display information to diners and guests across a range of settings. From the reception desk to the dining table they are wonderfully versatile option delivering the personal touch every time.

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