Shake It Up in 2022: Shakers for Every Mood, Look and Occasion

You can tell a lot about a place by looking at its shakers… Yes, at a base level shakers are tools that get you from point A to point B, but if you’re looking to impress customers with a particular style or aesthetic, one place you know they’ll be looking is at your bar staff when they’re prepping drinks and shaking whatever stylish piece of barware you might have chosen.

Whatever style or mood you’re looking to create, we’ve got a shaker for that… here are just three types you might want to think about…

Art Deco

With its smooth classic design, what says finesse more than an Art Deco shaker? Take your customer back to a classier time and get a shaker that’s also a practical, easy-to-grip shape for bar staff.

Pictured here is our Mezclar Stainless Steel 550ml Art Deco Shaker, but our art deco shakers are also available Copper Plated.


Copper Plated

Our copper plated shakers come in other styles too, like this 600ml French Shaker (pictured right).

Copper brings an extra element of warmth to a room, so if you’re working with brown, black, woody colours or muted greens and natural tones it can complement those perfectly.



Boston Can

We have various styles and sizes of Boston Can too, this one’s 28 ounces and Vinyl Coated, for a darker, more formal feel.

Perfect when used in conjunction with a shaker glass. 




There are plenty more shakers to consider in our full range – so make sure you check it out before you decide exactly how you’re going to shake things up…

See the full range. 

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