The humble bucket has come a long way…

Here are some fun facts for you about buckets, originally made from animal hides buckets were often used exclusively for carrying water – all we can say is that it is great to see we have moved on from using animal hides, serving your customer’s chips and onion rings in an animal hide bucket probably wont go down well… Added flavour? Probably not…

We turn to more modern materials for manufacturing our array of serving buckets. These are special made buckets, designed specifically for serving all manner of food – from fish and chips to tapas. Available in a variety of sizes the Beaumont TM serving buckets are particularly popular with pubs, cafes and restaurants across the UK. Feedback from some of these establishments suggests they choose these serving buckets for a variety of reasons.

There is certainly a style and a culture associated with serving buckets. For many pubs and cafes, using serving buckets is a cool and quirky way to represent their establishment and their brand. Miniatures appeal to an awful lot of people, there will be a distinct section of your audience that whether you know it or not take real pleasure in having their side order of chips served in a miniature bucket. You can see our Hammered Cup in use at Turtle Bay below:

serving buckets

In fact you can do almost anything you want with these serving buckets, although we wouldn’t recommend using them to put out a fire. Another favourite use of these buckets is to sit on tables and benches with cutlery, napkins and condiments in. You can even employ them around the home or office if you fancy. The appetiser serving bucket and appetiser hammered cup look great with a selection of colourful stationery stick out the top, or why not just a memorable place to keep your keys or odds and ends? A particular favourite application we have seen from some cafes and restaurants has actually been to use the serving buckets to grow herbs and small flowers. Although not designed as plant pots, apparently they do the job quite well!

Bringing back to food however, this is where the serving buckets come into their own. Sharing boards are a great way to put these rustic style serving buckets to use. Made from the best stainless steel, these buckets will stand the test of time and the test of your dishwasher.

For more details on each of the serving buckets, you can check them out here:


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